Fiction on Friday 19: Looking Out

She stared out at the city lights, feeling the evening bells vibrating around her. If she’d been bolder, she could have been out there: sipping ale in a dingy tavern, strolling the vibrant night markets or sitting in a quiet courtyard with a glass of wine.

Harps swelled behind her, clashing with the bells. If she lingered here, she’d be missed. She gathered her delicate silk skirts in both hands, resisting the urge to tear them right off the bodice. She hadn’t been bold enough. Now, all she could do was play the cards her failing courage had left her.

Wordcount: 100

Prompt word: been


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Anna Lodwick

Anna Lodwick is a freelance writer. She’s a lover of all things geeky, veraciously curious, registered blind and partly made out of titanium